I am a Positive Change Agent. It is my purpose in life to inspire the human spirit to thrive and not just survive. I obsess over personal human development and how individuals connect, create change, and transform. This obsession spans over three decades with formally studying Psychology and informally studying some of the most influential personal development professionals throughout my lifetime. 

I am here to inspire you to live with a more positive, purposeful, passionate, and prosperous life while increasing your well-being year and year after year. I can relate and empathize with the human spirit from a global, multi-culturally perspective because of my educational background, experiences, and core virtues. I utilize theories, applications, strategies and frameworks rooted in Positive Psychology resulting in increased confidence, clarity, and productivity.



I'm Keri Faith

Little bit more about

Keri Faith...

Until she healed her own mind, body, and spirit she was exactly where many people are. Stuck, unsure, shy, quiet, hiding and in chronic pain with diagnosis after diagnosis while not fulfilling the potential that was innate and deeply rooted within. She questioned ‘What is the purpose of this thing called, LIFE?’

For over 4 decades until going back to college and graduating at age 40 with a degree in Psychology and emphasis in Human Behavior and Positive Psychology, she wasn't living her own purpose or potential. Then she uncovered the research behind well-being, flow, gratitude, and human flourishing which propelled her into overdrive and determination to unleash the hidden potential and gifts in ambitious entrepreneurs, coaches, and professional leaders alike.

This discovery changed everything.


After a lifetime of experiencing depression and anxiety with a fear of being seen and heard, she now is obsessed with pursuing her mission to make positive mindset the new fit, happy and healthy. Her goal is to help you flourish and flow into the future without negative energy keeping you stuck in the past and present. Instead leaving you more confident and certain in your own gifts to share with the world. That’s living a life ON PURPOSE, with PURPOSE. while in full alignment. And with purpose there is absolutely no limit to your success.


She guides you...


She guides you to optimize your mind to thrive through emotional fitness, conscious awareness, and mental well-being while aligning mind, body, and spirit with the wisdom passed down from ancient philosophers and generations from the past through holistic practices to heal.


It is observed through her writing, speaking, one-to-one coaching, and mentoring which has reached over 2 dozen countries and counting.


Keri Faith is ranked as a top 5% global Podcaster with the Keri Faith On Purpose show, is an Amazon best-selling author and has spoken to LIVE audiences with over 5000 attendees.



She believes that you have gifts to share with the world and it is her purpose to activate each soul she touches to pursue them with unwavering certainty and Faith while letting go of what is holding you back.


Her purpose is to raise global conscious awareness through emotional fitness and mental wellness practices to optimize overall well-being allowing you to quantum leap into the future.

When she isn’t changing lives, you can find her with her husband and two children exploring the Pacific Northwest in the United States where she calls home, hiking, chasing waterfalls, snow skiing, or just basking in the summer sun on the coast or on the beaches in Southern California where she was born and raised.

Her favorite pastime is reading, writing, drinking coffee, and enjoying a fine meal with friends and family. As a former Certified Coffee Master and Certified Sommelier, she knows how to indulge on epicurean adventures. She knows that the two things that connect people are through shared experiences and emotions led through the heart (and palette). 

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Her mission is to spread awareness around the importance of emotional fitness and mental wellness while blending spirituality and positive psychology.

Some of her mentors include Martin Seligman, a pioneer in Positive Psychology. Robert Emmons, leader of gratitude and well-being research at UC Berkeley. Micah Csikszentmihalyi, Hungarian-American psychologist best known for his research in flow experiences, happiness, and creativity. Deci and Ryan, two researchers who dominate motivational research. And of course, modern-day influencers such as Brendon Burchard, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Jen Sincero, Jenna Kutcher, Dean Graziosi, Michelle Sorro, amongst so many others that continue to inspire and teach her daily. Thanks to all Podcasters!

In 2019, joining one of the largest communities of change agents with the Knowledge Broker Blueprint she became part of a movement making self education the new norm.

She is a Certified Knowledge Broker and Trainer at mastermind.com under the guidance of Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins. She teaches how to run, market and sell powerful and impactful online masterminds. This is part of the paradigm positive shift in the world that is revolutionizing how people learn and the way entrepreneurs are created. 

She has had the honor to train, teach, and lead a variety of generations to excel professionally, personally, and spiritually throughout the past two decades. She is honored to be your guide during this journey of life and walk alongside you. She humbly empowers you to make the best decision of your life and invest in your most precious and valuable resource; YOUR MIND!